Winter Auto Maintenance in Port Moody: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

As the season changes – and driving conditions along with it, winter auto maintenance in Port Moody and the surrounding community’s matter.

Keeping your vehicle in proper working order, and maintained for the weather, can make a big difference to your safety as well as the lifespan of your vehicle. Which is something GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is here to help offer tips and service with, and are happy to do so!

So, without further ado …here are ‘3 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter’ that are simple and affordable.

Battery Check

Your battery tops the list for winter preparedness. This is what will ensure your vehicle will start on cold mornings, and keep your lights and wipers on as well.

Having a reliable battery is paramount to ensuring your vehicle is operational. Which is something a professional can check with a ‘load test’ – measuring its capacity and charge.

GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody would be happy to conduct this check with your next oil change service, or stop by and one of our technicians would be happy to assist you.

Fluid Check

Aside from your vehicle’s battery, keeping your fluids the right velocity for the weather is also important.

Your fluid checks and top-ups should include:

–       Oil

–       Coolant

–       Brake Fluid

–       Window Washer Fluid

–       …and others as needed

Replenishing your fluids might seem minor – but when it comes to wet roads and splattered windshields, having a full reservoir of window washer fluid is imperative to safety. Along with new wiper blades too; one is only as good as the other when it comes to visibility.

Winter Tires

Last, but certainly not least – are your tires. Having the right tread for the season not only addresses safety issues, but also are mandated on most mountain passes here in BC.

Winter Auto Maintenance in Port Moody: Tires & Wheels

At GRiP TiRE & Auto we have a wide selection of quality winter tires that can fit any budget. Our professional tire technicians are here to help you choose the tires that best suit your needs, including services such as…

  • Balancing
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Tire Repairs & Tire Storage

At GRiP Tire & Auto we are proud to offer a wide range of services for auto repairs and maintenance. If you are in need of Winter Auto Maintenance in Port Moody, you can count on us!

Stop by our shop or give us a call today, our staff has all the necessary equipment and expertise to make your visit as easy, stress free and efficient as possible.

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