The Difference Between Winter Tires & M+S Tires

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With the “winter conditions” driving policy in effect over mountain passes, GRiP TiRE wanted to take this opportunity to explain the difference between winter tires and M+S tires, helping to ensure you stay safe on the roads.

M+S Tires Should Not Be Confused for Winter Tires

M+S tires, which stands for ‘mud and snow’ tires, are not deemed ok to use over snowy mountain passes, and should not be confused with the kind of safety, tread and traction that comes with actual winter tires.

Although they indicate “snow” within the name of the tire, these are more of a daily, in-town use tire, and not necessarily a safe driving tire for provincial mountain passes and highways with large amounts of snowy and icy conditions.

m+s tires port moody
M+S symbol often found on the side of the tire indicate “mud and snow”.

Although M+S tires have large gaps between each tread to create traction in mud and snow – similar to winter tires; in temperatures under +7C, M+S tires become cold and stiff, making handling less reliable when braking or cornering on cold roads

Why Winter Tires Truly Matter On Snowy Roads

A winter tire is recognizable by the peaked mountain logo with a snowflake in the middle, and if you tend to drive in snowy conditions – this is the tire to have.

Winter tires offer specific snow traction performance, which is set by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, and delivers a much more aggressive tread, allowing your tires to grip better to the road in icy, snowy and slushy conditions.

In addition, because it is made from natural rubber, the tires stay soft and flexible in colder climates, giving you better traction on the road than the alternative M+S tire.

Although there is a cost associated with changing your tires over each season, the fact is switching between the fall and winter seasons allows your tires to last longer, all while keeping you safe on the road too.

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If you are looking to have your tires changed over for the winter season, our qualified, experienced and knowledgeable staff is here to provide you with the tires that will deliver a safe driving experience!

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