Tri-City Tire Sales: How the Right Tires Can Save You Money

GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is one of twelve independently owned and operated GRiP TiRE stores in BC. Our team members pride themselves on providing you with service you expect and deserve, including our Tri-City tire sales. And we want to share with you how the right tires can save you money!

How the Right Tires Can Save You Money

Automotive expenses can be an unending cost. One often overlooked factor. – is the type of tires you choose for your vehicle. While it might seem trivial, investing in the right set of tires can translate to long-term savings. This includes:

Fuel Efficiency

Low rolling resistance tires are designed to reduce the energy required to keep the tires moving. By allowing us to help you choose tires that minimize rolling resistance, you can improve your gas mileage and save money at the – unfortunately costly, pumps.


Investing in high-quality, durable tires may seem like a more significant upfront cost, but it pays off in the long run. Choosing tires with an extended lifespan not only saves you money on frequent replacements, but also ensures a safer driving experience.

Choosing the right tires involves considering various factors beyond just the initial cost, and we are here to help you find the right tires for your vehicle and driving habits.

Tri-City Tire Sales

Tri-City Tire Sales

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At GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody we are proud to offer a large selection of quality brand name tires for your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Our professional technicians and knowledgeable service advisors can help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving requirements.

In addition, we provide tire storage. This means that you can leave your off-season tires and wheels with us and we will store them until you need to put them back on!

If you require new tires in the Tri-City area, stop by our Port Moody auto repair shop located at 2625 St Johns Street, Port Moody or give us a call today.

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