Tri-Cities Truck Service & Repairs: How Truck Maintenance Differs from Car Maintenance

At GRiP TiRE & Auto in Port Moody, we offer the Tri-Cities truck service and repairs in a local and trusted way. Our bays are equipped to manage pick-up trucks, and our mechanics are also educated in the specific maintenance or repair needs of truck owners.

How Truck Maintenance Differs from Car Maintenance

There are, of course, similarities to working on a truck as there is a car. These include such things as regular oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections and repairs etc.

However, there are distinct difference too – both noticeable and not so much. These include…

  • A Need for ‘Up-Sized Tools’

A truck is simply a larger vehicle with larger parts. Even the sheer ability to lift a truck to work beneath it requires floor jacks that can withstand the weight. In addition, a larger wheelbase and wheels is also a factor. It makes changing over seasonal tires or working on brakes a safety issue without the proper equipment. Which GRiP TiRE & Auto in Port Moody is fully equipped with.

  • More Frequent Maintenance & Repairs

It goes without saying that trucks are utilized differently than a car. From camping to off-roading, carrying heavy loads and towing capacity, to managing daily, dusty worksite commutes. As such, more frequent maintenance or repairs will be required to manage the mechanics such as oil changes and air filters, suspension, steering and driveshaft joint lubrication – just to name a few.

A truck’s sheer workload sometimes means regular fluid-replacement intervals are much shorter – according to CarGurus.

Tri-Cities Truck Service & Repairs

GRiP TiRE & Auto in Port Moody is more than happy to help you with our Tri-Cities Truck Service & Repairs that include…

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  •  Complete Safety Analysis
  •  Drivability Problems
  •  Tune-ups
  •  Oil Changes
  •  Steering and Suspensions
  •  Brake repair specialists
  •  Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  •  Alignments
  •  Fuel System Services
  •  Coolant Systems
  •  Emission Repairs
  •  Air Conditioning Service
  •  Electrical Systems
  •  Fleet Maintenance
  • Trailer Hitch Installation
  •  And More…

GRiP Tire & Auto in Port Moody is here to help you with any truck service you require. Feel free to call us for Tires: (604) 461-4661 or Auto: (604) 937-5531 or Email: [email protected]  or Visit: 2625 St Johns Street, Port Moody.

We look forward to serving you!