Top 3 Vehicle Mechanical Concerns: GRiP Tire & Auto Service in Port Moody Can Help!

At GRiP Tire & Auto, we recognize that there are some common mechanical issues vehicles tend to face – often regardless of make or model. In this blog, we want to discuss the top vehicle concerns we often see, and how our GRiP Tire & Auto Service in Port Moody can help!

Top 3 Vehicle Mechanical Concerns

  1. Electrical System Problems

Modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated electrical systems, but they are not free of issues. Faulty wiring, sensor malfunctions, and electronic component failures can all be a leading cause for concern – and even end up as costly repairs. We’re here to mitigate this through regular maintenance checks at our Port Moody auto service centre.

2. Worn Our Brakes

Frequent stop-and-go traffic from commuting to urban areas outside of Port Moody, can lead to accelerated wear and tear on brake pads and rotors. We can help!

3. Cooling System Problems

In the warm summer months, overheating can be a common issue due to heavy use of air conditioning systems and high outdoor temperatures. This can cause radiator leaks, coolant system failures, and overheated engines. By having your vehicle regularly maintained, it will reduce your risk and ensure your vehicle operates as it should.

These are just a few examples of what we see come into our shop. Our variety of auto services in Port Moody are here to help!

GRiP Tire & Auto Service in Port Moody

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