Tire Sales in Port Moody: Ensure You Have the Right Tires for Your Driving Habits

Ensuring you have the right tires for your driving habits is important. Not only for safety, but for fuel efficiency and road performance too. Our tire sales in Port Moody can help with this – ensuring your vehicle is set up with the right tires for your lifestyle!

Ensure You Have the Right Tires for Your Driving Habits

Having the right tires for your driving habits is important for ensuring your safety on the road and getting the most out of your vehicle. Factors to consider when choosing tires include the type of vehicle you drive, the climate and road conditions you will be driving on, and your driving style.

For example, if you drive a sports car and enjoy high-performance driving, you may want to consider performance tires. If you live in a wet climate and will be driving on puddle-riddled roads, tires that suit these conditions is important.

It’s also important to remember that tires should be checked regularly for wear and tear, and should be replaced as needed. We can help!

Tire Sales in Port Moody

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At GRiP Tire & Auto we are proud to offer a large selection of quality brand name tires for your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Our professional technicians and knowledgeable service advisors can help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Balancing
  • Tire Repairs
  • Complete Tire Service
  • Tire Storage

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Want to know what the consumerreports.org has to say about ‘The Best Tires for Wet-Weather Performance – the truth about stopping in the rain and which tires do it best’? Check out the article here, where they discuss such things as…

Stopping a car in the rain can be a harrowing experience, especially if you’re driving through a significant amount of standing water and your tires are worn. A wet surface makes it a challenge for tires to gain grip; you may risk hydroplaning—when tires skim across the surface of the water because the tread cannot route it to the sides quickly enough.

…and go on to speak to which tires can help you mitigate these risks.

Take a read, or stop by our shop for assistance in choosing the right tires for you!