The Importance of a Professional Trailer Hitch Installation

If this is the year you have finally decided to invest in a tow-needed toy such as an ATV or a 5th Wheel RV; GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is here to help you understand ‘The Importance of a Professional Trailer Hitch Installation’ – as well as provide the installation.

Allow a Professional to Secure Your Investment

Whatever it is you decide to tow behind your vehicle is bound to be an investment of one kind or another. So having a professional secure your investment simply makes sense.

It can quickly become an issue for you to have a faulty trailer hitch installed, and small details can easily be missed if you are not accustomed to installing such things regularly.

A professionally installed hitch can make a difference in a number of ways that go beyond protecting your investment by properly securing your load. Safety is also a concern when it comes to installing a hitch to your vehicle.

A Properly Installed Hitch Secures Your Safety

A professionally installed trailer hitch allows for peace of mind, knowing that what you are pulling will make it safely to its destination. From leisure boats to landscaping equipment and beyond, mitigating risk will also minimize concern, keeping everyone safe on the road to your destination.

Professional One-Stop-Shop Trailer Hitch Installations

There is nothing worse than having to do the same task over again. Saving time and money is important to most people, and as such – having a trailer hitch professionally installed can save on both.

Sometimes it is not overly clear what size or trailer hitch make will work best for your vehicle, which is something a professional can easily spearhead, paying for itself in so many ways and allowing you to feel confident too.

GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody can happily provide you with our trailer hitch installation service, as well as offer truck service and repairs that include:

  •  Computerized Diagnostics
  •  Diesel Engine Repair
  •  Drivability Problems
  •  Tune-ups
  •  Oil Changes
  •  Steering and Suspensions
  •  Brake repair specialists
  •  Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  • Alignments
  •  Fuel System Services
  •  Coolant Systems
  •  Emission Repairs
  •  Air Conditioning Service
  •  Electrical Systems
  •  Fleet Maintenance

 …and more

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us …we look forward to helping your with all your trailer hitch installation needs in Port Moody and the surrounding communities!