The Importance GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody Places on Environmental Practice

As one of twelve independently owned and operated GRiP TiRE stores in BC, GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody understands the importance of environmental practices for both local businesses and global industries.

Not only do we offer local, highly trained technicians and mechanics who deliver tire service and auto repairs in Port Moody; we also ensure our company stays current with environmental practices in British Columbia.

Our staff is required to attend regular training, ensuring they understand and implement the most up-to-date environmental procedures. In addition, we upgrade our equipment and recycle practices as needed, keeping in-step the methods and overall procedures that reflect our ever-changing industry.

Environmental Practices for 2020

Climate change has become a popular topic of conversation, and rightfully so. Ensuring our planet is safe, healthy and habitable, for endless millennia, is clearly important – so addressing this as individuals and collectively as businesses, all plays a part within the planet we call home.

GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is guided by environmentally conscious mandates to help reduce our impact on the earth. As mentioned, we continue to act as a locally operated Green Business by using modern recycling methods, as well as by educating our company and our customers on how we can all positively contribute to the environment and our communities.

Ways You Can Help Reduce Pollution as an Auto Owner

We can all play a part in cleaning up the planet, and as it pertains to auto owners – here are some ways you can reduce your impact…

  • Change your air filter to improve your vehicles performance and efficiency
  • Change your spark plugs to help you reduced fuel consumption
  • Have your fuel system maintained, which includes having your fuel injector flushed, saving you money at the pump and helping your vehicle’s performance
  • Check your emissions system to ensure your car emissions, exhaust and pollutants are not producing harmful gases
  • Check your tires, as proper tire pressure can also improve your gas mileage by over 3%.

These are just some of the ways you can help minimize your impact on the earth as an auto owner, and GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is here to help you in any way we can in the new year ahead!