Suspension Service in Port Moody: Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

Your vehicles suspension system includes your shocks and struts, and it is not something not to be overlooked.

Our suspension service in Port Moody is just one of the many services we offer our community, helping our customers ensure their vehicle is safe for the road ahead.

If you’re not sure if your suspension is in need of servicing, there are a variety of signs for you to take notice of. We’re here to help you understand those, and provide servicing solutions as well!

Suspension Service in Port Moody: Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

Your vehicle will often make it known that it is time for a suspension service. These signs come in a variety of ways, including…

A Rough Ride

As in, your vehicle no longer drives as smoothly as it once did. This is a telltale sign that your shocks or struts are wearing out. It will cause you to feel each bump along the journey, and can be avoided with suspension repairs.

Pulling or Drifting Vehicle

If you feel your vehicle pulling or drifting, your suspension system is very likely beginning to fail. In addition, the shocks will be unable to keep the vehicle stable, which puts it at risk for a rollover. This is not a risk worth taking, and one that our suspension service in Port Moody can address.

Dips When Braking

Once the shocks wear out on a vehicle, it tends to ‘dip’ when braking. This can lead to braking concerns and even reduce your ability to stop by up to 20%.

Greasy Shocks & Uneven Tread

Notice your shocks or struts are starting to appear greasy? A fluid leak could be the culprit, and this could be creating increased damage.

Uneven tire treat? Sometimes it can be a case of not rotating your tires regularly. But it can also be due to your suspension failing and not keeping your car driving evenly.

This type of uneven pressure can cause your tires to have an uneven tread, putting added wear and tear on them while adding to your repair costs.

At GRiP TiRE & Auto in Port Moody, we are here to help you with routine inspections to ensure your vehicle’s overall health and longevity. We can better ensure you avoid costly repairs, managing any problems before they escalate and become a potential safety risk.

Call us or stop by to secure an appointment ,and keep you and others safe on your journey ahead

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