Ensuring You Have the Right Checks in Place for Your Travels Ahead

Taking a “Sunday drive” (during any day of the week) is our current luxury right now, and ensuring you have the right tread for your travels is one of many things we can help you with!

At GRiP TiRE & Auto in Port Moody, we are proud to offer a large selection of quality brand name tires for your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Our professional technicians and knowledgeable service advisors can help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving needs, ensuring your vehicle has met the safety measures in place before your next local adventure.

Tire Pressure Check

Not only does your tire’s pressure ensure the safe driving condition of a vehicle, it also helps with gas consumption and can alert you of a faulty tire in need of replacement.

Checking your tire pressure before heading out on a road trip or adding any weight to our vehicle during a move, is important to prevent tire damage, and can easily be checked on the tire itself via a gauge at most gas stations – or GRiP TiRE in Port Moody is happy to help also!

Tire Tread Check

Your tires should always have more than a 2/32-inch tread depth, as anything less will not adequately keep your vehicle handling as it should. If you’re unsure what that looks like, visit us at 2625 St. Johns Street in Port Moody for a professional check.

Tire Rotation Check

The uneven wear of your tires is usually due to inconsistent tire rotations, and can be a cause for concern. Not only does this create safety issues over time, it also diminishes the lifespan of your tires – potentially significantly. 

Seasonal Tire Changeover

Still driving around on your winter tires? This too can be a cause for safety concerns and add to your gas consumption – which is something we can quickly help you address, while also offering our tire storage service as needed.

Our Tire Services in Port Moody Include:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Balancing
  • Tire Repairs
  • Complete Tire Service
  • Tire Sales
  • …and more

GRiP TiRE & Auto is a one-stop shop for all your tire needs in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley and the surrounding tri-cities. We will gladly inspect your tires to ensure your travels ahead are safe and fuel-efficient! Visit our tire shop in Port Moody or call us at (604) 461-4661 to book an appointment.