Coolant Systems Check: Ensure Your Vehicle Doesn’t Overheat this Summer

Basic services are essential in making sure that your vehicle holds up mile after mile. At GRiP Tire & Auto Port Moody, we are proud to offer a wide range of services for our community – including coolant system checks.

Ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat this summer with our help!

How to Ensure Your Vehicle Doesn’t Overheat this Summer

  • Schedule a Radiator Inspection
  • Stay Alert to Your Temperature Gauge
  • Keep Your Oil & Fluid Changes Up to Date
  • Have Your Belts & Hoses Checked
  • Ensure You’re Not Overloading the Interior of Your Vehicle
  • Don’t Tow Anything Beyond Your Vehicle’s Capacity
  • Utilize Shade When Possible for Parking
  • Have Your Coolant Levels Checked

Our Port Moody Coolant Systems Check can help with that!

Port Moody Coolant Systems Check

Coolant Systems Check

If your vehicle is showing signs of overheating despite taking precautions, our qualified mechanics can diagnose and resolve the underlying issues.

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…with the summer travel season seeing Canadians from coast to coast pushing their vehicles harder than ever during the hottest days of the year, engine overheating becomes a more serious possibility — and that’s especially true if you haven’t had your vehicle’s cooling system inspected, or given some recent TLC by a professional.

Again – we can help!