Auto Maintenance in Port Moody: Checklist for Fall

If you live in the Lower Mainland, you are well aware of our wet weather patterns that quickly emerge in the fall. As such, our auto maintenance in Port Moody provides the assurances you need to drive safely on our local roads.

Whether requiring an oil change, tire changeover, alignment, computer diagnostic – or anything in-between, we can help!

Auto Maintenance Checklist for Fall

There is standard maintenance you should do throughout the year – such as regular oil changes. This is an affordable way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, as well as save on fuel consumption.

However, there are also fall maintenance checklist items you should consider. Especially living in a wet climate such as the Lower Mainland. These include…

Tire Check

Your tires play a massive role in how your vehicle handles in wet weather. Not only should they be checked for tread and whether they are season-appropriate, but also – your steering, suspension and alignment should be looked over as well.

We deliver tire services in Port Moody to ensure your vehicle is outfitted appropriately, with your driving habits in mind – as discussed in our blog post: Port Moody Tire and Wheel Service: When it Comes to Tires – Don’t Tread Lightly!

Brake Check

Brakes are another important consideration for wet fall weather. When you need to stop quickly in rainy conditions, every milli-second counts. The condition of your brakes can mean the difference between a near miss, and an unfortunate accident.

Windshield Wiper Check

Also a highly important check for fall weather, are your windshield wipers. Nothing is more distracting than windows you cannot see clearly out of, and this quick fix is an affordable measure to take for added safety.

Headlight Check

As the days grow shorter and your commute is conducted under dawn or dusk skies, having fully operational lights makes a huge difference. Not only in your own ability to see the road, but also other drivers being able to see you.

Auto Maintenance in Port Moody

GRiP TiRE & Auto Port Moody is here to help you manage the wet fall weather with services that include:

Car & Truck Servicing

Minivan & SUV Servicing

Import Vehicle Servicing

  •  Computerized Diagnostics
  •  Diesel Engine Repair
  •  Drivability Problems
  •  Tune-ups
  •  Oil Changes
  •  Steering and Suspensions
  •  Brake repair specialists
  •  Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  •  Alignments
  •  Fuel System Services
  •  Coolant Systems
  •  Emission Repairs
  •  Air Conditioning Service
  •  Electrical Systems

Ready to book your Auto Maintenance in Port Moody for fall? We’re ready to help!